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Codes of Conduct

Expectations defined by AAYFDT applicable to all coaches, parents and players.

Rules of Competition

Team structure, registration, practice information, official games, equipment, and general league game rules.

For further information regarding AAYFDT including registration, by-laws, policies and procedures, league teams and scholarship applications please refer to the AAYFDT website.

Patriots & Belles Parent Resources

Patriots Parent Handbook

Important information for all Patriots Parents regarding rules, policies, team staff, practice and game day expectations throughout the season.

Liberty Belles Parent Handbook

Drill Team structure, practice and game day procedures, volunteer opportunities, special event information and expectations for Belles parents and participants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for the candy fundraising?

There are two options available for the World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser:

Option 1:  Sell World's Finest Chocolate

Participants provide a post-dated check for $150 to cover the cost of the 5 box minimum.  Participants who sell all of their chocolate (30 bars per box at $2 each) will provide the collected $300 and receive their post-dated check back.  

Those unable to sell all will receive a prorated refund.  If money is not returned in time, the check will be cashed.

Option 2:  Buyout

Those who do not wish to participate in the fundraiser at registration can provide a check for $150 to cover the required amount.

Are football gear and cheer uniforms provided or do we need to purchase our own?

We provide most football gear required to play, which includes helmet, game uniform (shirt and pants), shoulder pads, and practice uniform (practice jersey and pants).  Players are required to provide their own mouthpieces, football cleats, gloves (if needed) and water bottles for hydrating during practice.  

Players are welcome to buy their own football gear as long as the colors match the rest of the team.

Cheer and Drill Team uniforms and other materials are not provided.  Participants will receive an order form to purchase the required equipment.

What do we need to pick up football equipment?

Each player will issue a post-dated check for $250 to cover the cost of the equipment at time of registration prior to picking up football gear.  Once the season is complete and gear is returned, the post-dated check will be returned.

Are parents required to volunteer?

YES!  We need parents to help our teams with down markers, chain gang, water distribution, field setup, etc. as needed.

At registration, each participant is required to provide a check for $250 to cover volunteer hours, which depend on team size.  If the parents fulfill their volunteer hours, the check will be returned.  

However, if parents do not wish or are unable to fulfill their required volunteer hours, the checks will be cashed at the end of the season.

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