Tomball Patriots/ Liberty Belles 2017
Each Patriot or Belle participant is required to raise $150 in fundraising. This can either be via a 'buyout' where a check is written to cover the amount, or by participating in the organization's chosen fundraising activity.

For parents that do not wish to take the $150 buyout at registration, we will offer the opportunity to sell popcorn as the 2016 fundraiser. Each participant will be required to sell at least 25 bags of popcorn at $12.00 each. There will be a multiple varieties that your customers can choose from.

How the fundraiser will work: at the time of registration, participants will provide a $150 post-dated check. Participants will sell their items and collect the money at the time of receiving the order. The order form and money will be due on a certain date and then the hold check will be returned. If the order forms and money are not turned in timely, your hold check will be deposited.

Specific instructions, order forms, and deadlines will be provided at registration